in business for freedom

We believe that people deserve to live in freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from poverty, and freedom from exploitation. Our mission is to help communities live a life of freedom.

freedom from oppression and poverty through dignified employment

Freeset USA believes that every person should have the freedom to work in a safe environment, get paid fair wages, and have a job that they're proud of. That's why we're distributors and supporters of Freeset in India. Freeset exists to offer employment to people who've been marginalized by society. They've strategically placed their facilities in communities written off by society because Freeset believes these communities deserve to live a life of freedom.

As our customer, you can be sure we're offering fair and dignified employment to the makers of our goods because we're Verified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation. Want to know more? Learn about our supply chain.

freedom from ignorance through education and advocacy

We believe that a key piece of bringing freedom to communities is offering education and spreading advocacy. That's why we financially support Tamar, Freeset's non-profit partner that provides health, literacy, economic, educational, and emotional support services to Freeset employees in West Bengal, India.

Another way that we fight for freedom from ignorance is by advocating fellow Americans about the harsh realities of poverty and the oppression of human trafficking. We partner with like-minded organizations including Dressember, Free the Slaves, Justice Ventures International, Freedom Center, and Red Tent to accomplish this goal.

helping communities to live in freedom

Freeset USA is helping the following communities live in freedom from poverty and oppression by working with partner organizations in each location listed here.

sonagachi | kolkata, india
sherpur | west bengal, india
dhulian | west bengal, india
dak bangla | west bengal, india
kelpar | kolkata, india
price hill | ohio, USA
lalitpur | kathmandu, nepal